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Remus Reads

Ficlett Exchange - 2007

Remus Lupin Fic-exchange 2007
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Welcome to remus_reads.

Welcome to remus_reads.

March 10th will be Remus Lupin’s 2008 birthday.
In honour of this occasion, remus_reads will be holding a Remus Lupin Centric Ficlett Exchange.

So, if you love Remus, if you love fanfiction or if you’re just curious and want to nose around, read on.

The Fic Exchange

The remus_reads fic exchange is open to all.

Slash, Het and Gen of all ratings are welcome, as long as they involve Remus.
We don’t just welcome conventional pairings, either, so if you want some Remus rare pairs, this might be the place to ask.

As all communities do, however, we ask that you clearly label any objectionable content in your fic and state the pairings, so as not to cause distress to both the readers and yourself.

How it works

If you wish to take part, please read the rules, either below on the user info or in the opening post by the moderator.

Then, if you agree to these rules, fill out the form in this post
and leave it in the comments before January 15th 2008.

On January 17th 2008 you should find a link to another person’s form in your email inbox. This is your giftee (tell no one but your beta who this is … this exchange is anonymous).

Complete a fic of at least 500 words, in keeping with your giftee’s request and send it to remus.reads @ googlemail . com before the 2nd March 2007.

Wait patiently until March 10th, when all ficletts will be posted and you should receive a special, Remus-centric gift.

The Rules

# All fics must feature Remus Lupin as a main character.
# All pairings, ratings and genres are welcome. Readers - please read headers before reading to prevent upset or offence. Writers - please include warnings related to any content which readers may wish to avoid.
# Fics must be in 'proper English'. That is to say - slang is perfectly alright (even expected in some fics) but we do not wish to be blinded by 'net-speak'. And remember, as we have always said, a beta is your friend.
# All fiction must be at least 500 words long.
# All fiction must used the standardised header:


# All fics must be sent to remus.reads@googlemail.com by the 2nd March 2008 - unless an extension is granted.
# Do not post your fic in personal journals or communities until the writers identities are revealed. This is an anonymous exchange, after all.
# Please do not go against your giftee's wishes. If they list something as a squick, do not include it in your fic, and do not create a piece of a higher rating than that which they listed as their maximum.